Monday, December 7, 2009

Jessica simpson nude. Pictures.

Jessica simpson nude. Extra Pictures:

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Naked celebrities? Where can I see naked celebrities on the Internet? What, Jessica Simpson and stuff.
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Friday, December 4, 2009

Pamela anderson nude. Some pics.

Pamela anderson nude. Great picz:

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Was there any legitimate reason to do this? All my life, to some extent, I have no girlfriend. I always felt that my mom was a little lost maybe me away from seeing anyone. She never encouraged me to Talke to them or anything. When he was 15, I wanted to put a poster of Pamela Anderson or to the wall of my. One day when I was angry with me for any reason was, she came to my room and tore it down. There was a poster naked. But she just said I just want something thats my right. As if looking girls was a no, not me / So I could not have them on my wall, I always felt a bit like a bad boy every time I get to watch a girl in a magazine of Victoria & # 39 ; s Secret, and always felt as if I have a iterest in the opposite sex or restricted. OT that my mom wanted me to be gay, LOL, just what kind of always thought of me being permanetly 2 years or something. We have a team back in '93. In those days, teams had to adjust Oly account. I was 16 and one night, began to put photos of the victorias secret models in lingerie ranging from Stephanie Seymour to screen.However Laetitia Casta on the team, I cried for those. Not even talk. Then for about 2 years. Then I started looking at other girls of other races. ow let me tell you this, I am white and my mom is not just a little selfish whe it comes to what I want to leave. God forbid, if I saw an Asian girl. Asians have always been my fav since my father was alive. He died when I was 12. I always wanted to go out with an Asian girl. Well back in 99, I began to hold these 2 Asian Girsl called Morena Corwin, and Sung Hi Lee. Now here's the thing. Pictures of them would be virtually the same as Stephanie and Laetitia. Reveal, but never naked. Only then, when I began to have their photos do not see a mild reaction. Then I went to a Latina girl, Adriana Lima. Now the question is, after all this time, why she, my mom, slightly to react? And why it seems to be good, feel comfortable, or even (in a non sexual) frm get some excitement to have this photos on the screen or screen saver? I'm pretty sure I have the answere to my own question, but I think I can OT, at the same time. My theory was that I felt repressed or something and I was fighting.
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lindsay lohan nude. Some new pics.

Lindsay lohan nude. Cool pics:

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Whats with Lindsay Lohan want to be Marilyn Monroe!? like seriously! You've seen these pictures? " What do you think? ... ' I think that she looks .. Gross Nobody will ever compare to MM ... http / / ...
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